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SweepWeave is a free, open source tool for creating interactive storyworlds. Storyworlds are computer games which focus on interaction with fictional characters as the central game mechanic, which track dynamic relationships between characters, and which employ these simulated characters and relationships to assemble pieces of handcrafted content into a coherent narrative shaped, in part, by player choice.

SweepWeave is based on design work by Chris Crawford and Sasha Fenn, and has been coded and implemented by Sasha Fenn, using the Godot game engine. Storyworlds can be exported as standalone html pages, which can be played in a web browser.

SweepWeave is available as open source software under an MIT License. All storyworlds created with SweepWeave belong to their respective authors. You are free to publish your storyworlds as you please, including for commercial purposes.

Sasha Fenn, the creator of SweepWeave, has a Patreon where you can support them.